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B.Com. Marketing Major, 2018

Current Position:
Assistant Director of Advancement, Engineering at Alberta, Office of the Dean

About Me:

I am currently working as an Assistant Director, Advancement at the Faculty of Engineering at U of A. I graduated with a BCom degree in Marketing from U of A in 2018. I started my career as a Marketing and Sales Intern in Japan during my third year in school and was able to experience a different work culture there. After I came back, I started to build my career in the university starting at the Office of Advancement. I had both domestic and international experiences in the marketing, sales and customer relations field prior to joining Engineering at Alberta. In my free time, I enjoy kickboxing, snowboarding and taking road trips. Right now, I am focusing on learning how to spend quality time at home amid the pandemic.

Q: If you had to delete all but three apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?
A: Spotify, Instagram, and Foodie (for good food pics).

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