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Engineering Young Alumni Council

Community Subcouncil

Welcome to ENGGYAC on behalf of the Community Subcouncil! As a recent alumnus, transitioning from a student to a young professional can be daunting. We are here to help foster growth in our alumni community and to help give back! Whether you want to join one of our events to meet some other alumni while serving the public or take part in one of our ongoing initiatives, there is always something to get involved with.

My name is Jason Tao, and I am a recent graduate of Engineering at Alberta with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (2022). I also serve as the Chair of the Community Subcouncil on ENGGYAC, where we help foster the growth of the alumni community and develop community-building initiatives.

Graduating from engineering at the University of Alberta is a huge accomplishment! As such, I’m sure you want to get away from campus as fast as possible and start the next chapter in your life.  However, I encourage all graduates to take the time to look back on their accomplishments over the course of their degree, the memories, the challenges, and the friends. Reflect on all you have learned, not only in the classrooms and labs but also from your fellow classmates.

Jason Tao, ENGGYAC  Community Subcouncil Chair
B.Sc. Civil Engineering, 2022

Community Subcouncil
EnggTALK Subcouncil

EnggTALK Subcouncil

Hello! My name is Alice Gu and I am the Chair of the EnggTALK, a subcouncil within ENGGYAC. EnggTALK is a speaker series that is designed to showcase intriguing ideas, spark inspiration, and build a community focused on connection and innovation. Our goal is that through diverse and interesting events, we can provide opportunities for young engineering alumni to learn, engage and connect with each other in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

On behalf of myself and the EnggTALK team, we are very excited to congratulate you on all your incredible accomplishments over the past few years and welcome you to the engineering alumni community. As a new engineering alumni, you now have access to an incredible network of engineers across the world and multiple engaging events like EnggTALK. Through EnggTALK, we hope to help young engineers learn more about what they can do with their engineering degree, how to navigate the professional world, and ways to develop themselves on all levels of life. 

With that being said, we can not wait to see you at our next event and welcome you into our awesome community! Your journey is just beginning and we would love to be a part of it with you.

See you soon!

Alice Gu, EnggTALK Subcouncil Chair

M.Eng. Mechanical Eng. ‘ 21;  B.Sc. Civil Eng. ‘19


Networking Subcouncil

The ENGGYAC Networking Subcouncil. We are here to connect with you, the newest member of the Alumni community! Now the journey begins! I cannot wait to welcome you into the Alumni network and see where your journey takes you!

The Networking Subcouncil could not be more excited to welcome another graduating class into our ever growing network. Within ENGGYAC, the Networking Subcouncil is striving to keep the connection strong within each year’s graduating class but now as engineering alumnus, we are your avenue to connect to the diverse alumni network we are all a proud part of! We invite you to attend, reach out, and be involved with what this Subcouncil has to offer. We hope to resume our popular in-person networking events this upcoming year, so stay tuned for details. 

ENGGYAC Networking Subcouncil

PD & Mentorship Subcouncil

PD & Mentorship Subcouncil

My name is Alex Grams, and I am the Professional Development & Mentorship (PD&M) Subcouncil Chair. I am an Engineering at Alberta (MEC E ’13), and Alberta School of Business (MBA ’20) graduate. I’m passionate about creating opportunities and platforms for engineers to share their stories and experiences so we can grow and learn together.
Congratulations on joining the Engineering at Alberta alumni community. Soak in the moment and remember all of the challenges you’ve overcome, friendships you’ve made, and times you’ve enjoyed! Your knowledge and experience leave you positioned to drive change and as you enter the workforce my challenge to the class of ’21 engineering graduates is to search out ways to improve our shared communities – let’s all thrive together!
Welcome to ENGGYAC! The PD&M Subcouncil strives to create programming and networking opportunities, specifically targeted at helping early career engineers connect with mentors, and resources that can aid in your growth and development. Check out our podcast and look out for upcoming “Preparing to Launch” series events.
Alexander Grams, ENGGYAC Professional Development & Mentorship Subcouncil Chair
B.Sc. Mech. Eng. ‘13
MBA ‘20

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Subcouncil

My name is Maisam Al-Mehdawy and I am the Chair of ENGGYAC’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Subcouncil. The EDI team strives to create a supportive and inclusive space for all community members and our goal is to ensure that each member has the opportunity to contribute and benefit from different perspectives.
Congratulations to the class of 2022 on achieving this significant milestone and welcome to the alumni family! Having conquered this achievement in such an uncertain time is a sure sign of your determination and future accomplishments to come. Don’t be afraid to carve out your own path, you now have all the tools you need.
As a member of the ENGGYAC community, you will receive career guidance and mentorship from fellow alumni members and will have many opportunities to network and engage with industry leaders. You will discover the diverse ways your career path can be structured by participating in the many community events and initiatives ENGGYAC offers.
Good luck on your next adventure!
Maisam Al-Mehdawy, ENGGYAC EDI Subcouncil Chair
B.Sc. Civil Eng. ‘12

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Subcouncil