Message from the Chair

Congratulations on completing your journey as an Engineering student at University of Alberta. Before you plan your way forward, I encourage you to look back and give yourself the kudos you deserve for surviving one of the most difficult degrees you could take. Revisit great memories you had with your friends and classmates - and find comfort in knowing that you will carry these relationships with you as you go through the next phases of your professional life. But it doesn’t stop there.
We, ENGGYAC are excited to welcome you to the vibrant, engaged, and committed group of engineering alumni, ready and prepared to guide you as you navigate the changes you’re going through. Our network continues to grow and inspire young people like you to take on opportunities and diverse career paths that will empower you to take on roles that align with your purpose.
I look forward to seeing most of you in our upcoming events and again - congratulations and welcome to the Engineering alumni community.


Darren Majak 
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 2017
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 2020 


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