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Education: B.Sc Petroleum Engineering, 2021

Current Position: Project EIT, Equinox Engineering Ltd.

About Me: I’m Mabintou, originally from the Ivory Coast, West Africa. Arriving in Canada as an international student, I secured a fully funded scholarship from the Ivory Coast government for my engineering studies. Throughout my academic journey, I actively engaged in leadership and volunteer initiatives aimed at promoting STEM, particularly to younger generations. These experiences shaped me into a dedicated advocate for women in STEM and ignited my passion for STEM education. I enjoy mentoring young girls who aspire to a career in STEM, empowering them to fearlessly pursue their dreams. 

 Apart from my professional and volunteer activities, my favourite hobbies include travelling, exploring diverse cultures and learning new languages. I am fluent in both French and English, as well as Dyula, my mother tongue. I understand Spanish at a beginner/ intermediate proficiency and I am keen to practicing whenever the opportunity arises.

Q: What are your favourite quotes?
Travel as much as you can, life is not meant to be lived in one place.
Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.

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